Monthly Archives: March 2015

Using Referrals & Feedback for Building Relationships

When it comes to relationship marketing you have several options that can help you perform this task. One way to do this is by building a relationship with your customers and then asking them for referrals. This method works very well and can help you attract new business daily. By asking your customers for feedback… Read More »

What is Relationship Marketing?

Do you truly understand the term “relationship marketing”? The best way to describe this is as follows: Relationship Marketing is used to help interact with your customers and business associates. It can be viewed as a strong communication method that helps the business owner provide customers with highly targeted and relevant information. This is a… Read More »

Is the Party Over Now that the FCC Passed Net Neutrality?

As you probably heard by now, the Federal Communications Commission recently approved new rules based on the principles of “net neutrality” that essentially finally put some sort of regulations over Internet usage. Some are calling it the “Equal Opportunity Act” for Internet speeds and access to websites. But is this ultimately good or bad for… Read More »