Monthly Archives: November 2015

3 Key Ways to Engage Your Customers Online – Part 2

Engaging your customers online is an important part of your business success. To do so takes some work and planning on your part. Here are 3 key ways that are guaranteed to help you engage better with your customers online. 1. Social Media Social media a very broad arena. It includes many things such as… Read More »

Client Engagement Series – Part 1

Client engagement is a crucial element in constructing a strong client base. 3 methods to enhance your customer engagement consist of clustering, material and copy. Let’s have a comprehensive take a look at each. Clustering Anytime you can add a dosage of fact to the online shopping experience, it is preferable. Exactly what I mean… Read More »

3 Ways To Make Readers Stop And Pay Attention To Your Writing

Even in a world where live-streaming video and podcasting are gaining popularity amongst knowledge consumers at a breakneck pace, there’s still immense power in the written word. Not only is reading still the preferred medium for consumption by many, but it can also be essential in cases where streaming connections aren’t practical or when consumers… Read More »

How Internet Marketers Can Hit A Grand Slam With Guest Posting

Recently, content marketing has been all the rage. It isn’t that it’s only now that content marketing is starting to be effective, but more so that larger, more traditional media and advertising powerhouses are finally starting to take the trend seriously. Content marketing, for several years now, has been the true language of the blogging… Read More »

What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur In 2016

In the online marketing space, there seems to be a false equivalency between the “freedom of quitting your 9 to 5” and “being an entrepreneur.” More appropriately, there’s the misunderstanding that becoming an entrepreneur won’t mean putting in many, many more hours than 40 per week; this is especially true if you’re hoping to ever… Read More »

SEO’s Outer Appearance Finally Resembles Its Inner Working

Were you involved in the online marketing world back in 2010? Earlier? Ever as recently as a couple of years ago, actually, the strategies that were considered surefire paths to SEO domination were completely different from what they are today. Interestingly enough, however, Google was saying the exact same things about how you should try… Read More »