5 Things That Happen When You’re Authentic & Giving

By | October 3, 2016
Despite the prevalence of social media platforms for several years now,
companies seem to just not quite be able to crack it.  Through some need
to treat every platform that comes along like every platform that ever
has been, despite them having vastly different effective voices and
mediums, is insanity.  And yet, every single day a search through the
twitter accounts of emerging and startup brands will indicate a massive
disconnect:  People still don't understand that, at its core,
authenticity wins on social media.

If every action you take on social is guided by the consideration for
what will be honest, helpful, and genuine to your followers - and not
what is going to sell me the most products - a few funny things happen.

1.	You can't get caught in lies because there are none

When you aren't tweeting half-truths that favor your brand, or trying to
bend stories to best reflect the part of an industry you live in, you
aren't at risk anymore for getting caught up in a web of lies. 
Consequently, PR disasters rarely befall companies that practice more
honesty on their social media channels.

2.	People tend to tell other people about your genuine nature and

People as a whole, fundamentally, enjoy being treated well.  The brands
you want to tell your friends and family about are not the ones that
came across as shady, they're the ones who told the truth.  Their not
the ones who messaged you asking them to buy their product, they're the
ones who said "thank you" just because you took the time to comment on
their Instagram picture.

3.	You start to build a brand, not just make a sale

Temporary webshops and one-off affiliate marketers are all about making
sales in the short term, but ongoing businesses are equally concerned
with building their brand.  Treating social media as a branding tool
rather than a selling tool, at least initially, is a great paradigm
shift that can help marketers utilize it better and for the right

4.	You'll be happier about what you do

Everybody has a unique conscious and there's no one-size-fits-all
solution to business ethics, but most people feel better when they can
put their heart and reputation 100% behind what they do.  For social
media, that might mean that building a genuine community in which your
brand is a thought leader is much more rewarding than just trying to
hi-jack hashtags to flog your products.

5.	You grow faster that your standard marketing projections predict

Social media is a not a linear projection, it's a game of slow, meager,
but genuine growth until you hit a point of critical mass and then your
efforts start to snowball.  It's a game of patience, but it's once that
doesn't ever come to fruition if you can't learn to play with a more
gentle marketing touch than you would in traditional paid media.  Learn
to master it, however, and you're sure to be rewarded.

Looking Forward To Your Success! 


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