6 Internet Marketing Conferences To Attend This Year

By | May 3, 2015

When you work in Internet marketing, it’s easy to become insulated from
the outside world. While this has its benefits – you can get more work
done without distractions and it’s easy to keep up with trends and
developments online – it also cuts you off from actual contact with
other human beings.

Networking is an important part of Internet marketing as it is any other
industry. And while new video conferencing tools make it possible to
interact with other people one-on-one or even as part of a group, it
doesn’t replace the genuine value of meeting and speaking with your
peers face-to-face.

Getting Out into the World

It’s also important that you not fall into a rut, which is something
that can easily occur when you work online, especially if you work from
home. That’s why it’s often valuable to occasionally get out of your
work zone and into the real world once in a while.

Internet marketing conferences offer the perfect opportunity to hone
your people skills, network with other IM professionals, and gain
exposure to cutting edge concepts and emerging ideas and technologies
related to your craft. You might even meet future JV partners or

Top 6 IM Conferences For The Rest Of This Year

Regardless of where you live – East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in
between – there likely is an Internet marketing conference being held
relatively close to you at some point this year. To help connect you to
the one that’s best for you, here’s a list of the top 6 must-attend IM
conferences for the rest of 2015:

Copyblogger, The Authority Rainmaker – Despite its unconventional name,
this conference – to be held May 13 to 15 in Denver – attracts some of
the biggest names on the Internet today, including Daniel Pink, Danny
Sullivan, Chris Brogan, Ann Handley and, of course, Copybloggers’ own
Brian Clark.

Confab – If you are anywhere near the Minneapolis from May 20 to 22, you
need to run, not walk to Confab. It’s the go-to conference for curating,
managing and strategizing content campaigns and attracts the biggest
names in social strategy, content creation, and marketing.

SMX Advanced – Have you heard of the popular online publishers Search
Engine Land and Marketing Land? If so, you probably already know how
influential they are becoming in global marketing. Both are owned by
Third Door Media, the organizer of this conference scheduled for June 2
to 3 in Seattle. It’s fast-paced yet user-friendly event that offers
something for everybody involved in SEO, online marketing, and global

Mozcon – Also in Seattle is Mozcon, a three-day conference filled with
informative sessions on everything from community building, SEO, social
media, content marketing, brand development, big data analytics, and
mobile optimization, among others. It’s scheduled for July 13 to 15.

Content Marketing World – There aren’t many things that will get me to
Cleveland, but Content Marketing World – scheduled for September 8 to 11
– is one of them. It’s the largest content marketing event in the US and
features more than 80 sessions presented by some of the biggest names in
brand marketing from around the world.

Pubcon Las Vegas – It’s no gamble that you will take away something
valuable from Pubcon Las Vegas, scheduled to be held in Sin City from
October 5 to 9. This conference always focuses on the future of
technology and attracts some of the IM industry’s most forward-thinking
minds. Make a commitment that this is the year you are finally going to
get out of your office and interact with real people in the real world.
Any (or all) of these conferences offer you the opportunity you need to
expand your horizons, meet new people, and network for success.

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