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Formula For Approaching Social Influencers

Compared to even just a few years ago, the concept of asking niche influencers to help promote products in exchange for money or for free products/services from a company is a relatively new concept. Celebrity endorsements were once reserved for, well, celebrities! Now, however, many people gain followings of increasing impressiveness in whatever their areas… Read More »

Ideas to get one new customer per day.

It’s easy to get lost in the big picture, in the large, scalable planning that views customers as numbers and values and conversion rates rather than individual people. And, of course, there is a certain stage in every business where this becomes a necessary evil. Or, at least, it can be hard to put in… Read More »

Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Clients Go Wild

So you’ve got your business up and running, whether that means freelance consulting, promoting affiliate products, or running a monetized online community, things are on the up and up. However, you know there’s lots of other, more established competitors in your space… so how do you stand out and convince customers that switching to you… Read More »

Using Customer Feedback Surveys, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the tips list for creating a great customer feedback survey. In the first half, we covered some of the basic principles of creating an effective customer feedback survey like having a clear purpose and working to avoid creating biased responses, but now we’re going to dig a little deeper. Advanced… Read More »

Using Customer Feedback Surveys, Part 1

Collecting customer feedback can provide you with invaluable insight into the customer process. These are insights that you can assume or guess out on your own, and can go a long way toward shaping your business in a way that sets it up to be more successful in the future. Unfortunately, information on how to… Read More »

Client Engagement Series – Part 1

Client engagement is a crucial element in constructing a strong client base. 3 methods to enhance your customer engagement consist of clustering, material and copy. Let’s have a comprehensive take a look at each. Clustering Anytime you can add a dosage of fact to the online shopping experience, it is preferable. Exactly what I mean… Read More »

How to Target Early Adopters with Your Next Big Idea

Not to sound bigoted, but let’s just face the facts: some customers are more valuable than others. There! I said it! More specifically, customers who can be classified as “early adopters,” especially in the realm of digital technology, are major players in the success or failure of a 21st century business and/or product. Early adopters… Read More »

What is Relationship Marketing?

Do you truly understand the term “relationship marketing”? The best way to describe this is as follows: Relationship Marketing is used to help interact with your customers and business associates. It can be viewed as a strong communication method that helps the business owner provide customers with highly targeted and relevant information. This is a… Read More »