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Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

Every website is subject to the likes and wants of top search engines like Google to secure high page rankings that would draw more traffic to its shores. However, some business owners and marketers may not be street-smart in online marketing and updating their websites to be in the good books of Google all the… Read More »

Do You Know About LSI Keywords?

The Search Engine Journal defines Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) as a “mathematical method applied to identify the relationship between concepts and terms of contents”. This could be referred to as the semantics which means a study of meaning. Hence, LSI Keywords refer to a relation of primary keywords. Impact on Google The presence of such… Read More »

SEO’s Outer Appearance Finally Resembles Its Inner Working

Were you involved in the online marketing world back in 2010? Earlier? Ever as recently as a couple of years ago, actually, the strategies that were considered surefire paths to SEO domination were completely different from what they are today. Interestingly enough, however, Google was saying the exact same things about how you should try… Read More »

The No BS Intuitive Guide To SEO Success

SEO is one of those secretive beasts that has been the obsession of online marketers since the dawn of their profession. Especially with the event of one search engine pulling far ahead of the rest in its usage, an intense culture was born out of focusing on how to best game or manipulate Google’s search… Read More »

SEO Doesn’t Look Like It Did Last Year

A perfect search engine optimization strategy has been the stuff of dreams since, well, the beginning of search engines. Since that time, SEO has gone over so many facelifts and iterations that seemed to completely reinvent what it meant to maintain “best practices” when it came to search engines. As recently as a couple years… Read More »