Change How You Think About Social Media

By | November 28, 2016
Every single person for the last five years - or at least the last 2-3 -
has been trying to crack some secret social media code that unlocks the
floodgates to sales on command via tweet, facebook post, snap, or
Instagram video.

The tough reality is that the code was already cracked years ago, and
the people who did so have been reaping the benefits since.  The only
problem is that everyone is so caught up in trying to reinvent the
wheel, they don't take the time to slow down and take a look at the
examples of great social practitioners right in front of them.

Why do fitness models do well when they post pictures of their abs on
Instagram?  Why do comedians do well when they think up hilarious plays
on words and send them into the twitterverse?  Why do Facebook marketers
who caption their videos tend to do so much better than those who don't?

All of these people are following the social rule that nearly every
brand fails to follow:  Give the people what they want.

Read that again, and remember that it does not say "give the people what
you want."

Therein lies the biggest distinguishing factor between people who are
successful on social.

Social, at its core, is about finding content that has an interest
audience which also overlaps with your target market for your product or
service.  In this way, engaging content serves as a natural introduction
to your ecosystem and positions you as a content creator, or at least a
curator, that people in your niche can get behind.

Just this small transition in mindset when approaching your social media
can take you from struggling and spinning your wheels to becoming
massively popular in a relatively short window of time.

So the next time you go to plan a social content calendar, think about
how you might create the most interesting array of content to make your
target audience laugh and learn, and leave mention of your product or
service completely by the wayside.

In fact, you'd be surprised how often people will actually come check
out your profile and the links there when you genuinely interact with
them.  But that curiosity has to be earned, and a tweet that just says
"Sign up this week for 10% off boots!" isn't going to do it.

Instead, post some seriously creative pictures of the boots you sell,
but with no direct CTA to buy them.  Find someone who tweeted about
loving boots, and just tweet "hell yeah – we do too!"  Find an article
about how the leather industry is changing to be more efficient in its
creation of tanned goods (not sure where we're going with that one, but
you get the idea!).

With any luck, you'll have found that, before long, you have a regular
dialogue with a group of people who are interest in the same types of
things your brand represents.  Nurture those relationships and continue
to give interesting content without the expectation of getting something
in return.

Ironically, being so non-demanding tends to skyrocket the number of
people who actually will buy something from you or take a desired action
down the road.

Looking Forward To Your Success



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