Evolve or Die – 3 Market Trends That Should Be On Your Radar

By | September 2, 2016
strongman_bicep_curl_lg_clrLet's get real here:  Every single person taking in these words runs a
business, or aspires to run a business, or has a side hustle that they
want to expand into a business.  In one-way or another, you have a
passion for getting your entrepreneurial pursuits to their full

That's great, but passion alone doesn't get the job done, and even hard
work can sometimes falter without a key third element: awareness.

We're not talking about some metaphorical self-awareness or abstract
concept, this awareness has to do with your business and where you are
in the market.  Ignoring upcoming trends, and especially how your
business fits into them, can have tragic consequences, so let's dig down
into a few marketing trends that should dictate how you spend the next
few years growing.

Quality content over marketing

Remember a few years ago when just having a blog meant that your company
was ahead of the pack?  Yeah, those days are long gone, and we now live
in a quality content world.  That means that the bar is set higher than
ever, and that if your aim is to spam out large volumes of mediocre
articles and blog posts, you aren't going to see the return you used to.

Of course, this provides a unique opportunity for those who are willing
to put in the extra mile in order to pump out some quality productions. 
Since so many of your competitors are still living in the past, why
don't you show them how it's done?

Attention over impressions

You've probably already figured this one out, but impressions just don't
mean all that much.  They've been shining metric of the advertising
world since the invention of print advertising, radio, and beyond, but
they just don't hold much bearing in a real scenario.

Instead, you should be focusing on where people are spending their time,
and where your promotions are most likely to actually engage them.  For
example, everyone and their mom spends time on their phones these days,
and very few people pay attention to TV commercials.  For this reason,
most people paying for just a few people to engage with them via
Facebook mobile or Instagram Ads will find that they outperform, for
example, ten times the raw impression count on a Youtube pre-roll ad.

Think about where your target audience spends time but, more
importantly, how they spend it.

Practice over reading

Learning is great, but failing is better.  Or something like that.  The
point is, it's too easy to get caught up in trying to lay out the
perfect strategy before you jump right in and actually do something. 
Often, this means people get stuck in a kind of loop of learning more
but never implementing it, then learning some new idea but never
implementing that either.

Make sure that the majority of your time is spent creating content, not
consuming it.

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