Facebook And Google Are Not Your Only Advertising Options

By | April 2, 2016
Marketers, we need to have a talk.  For the past few years, the cost per
click of Google Adwords, and now Facebook's newsfeed ads and promoted
posts, have been climbing.  It makes sense that as platforms have become
more and more known to marketers and the public in general, more people
have tried to take advantage of them, and they're become more
competitive. For some markets, certain keywords and audience targeting
may still be viable on these networks, but many small businesses and
entrepreneurs will find themselves boxed out of these networks by costs
of per click sometimes into the double digit dollars.  Ouch.

Instead, here are a few networks that are off the beaten path but can
offer a great ROI for those willing to take the time to explore them.

Bing:  Bing has been laughed off as a search engine in lieu of Google's
massive marketshare when it comes to search traffic.  That said, their
ad product can actually offer a decent volume of traffic at a fraction
of the cost. This is partly because they've partnered up with other
smaller search engines (like Yahoo), and ads run through the Bing ad
manager will also show up on those networks.  In general, you can secure
the same keywords for less by using Bing if Adwords is pricing you out.
Plus, their support is excellent, especially when compared with the sped
of Google's, and livechat means you can always get clarity on ad
performance, no matter where you are in the world or what time it is.

Reddit:  Reddit is an odd duck.  Many people have been scared off from
using this platform because they've offended a deeply defensive
community.  Reddit avoids promotion as much as possible, and people
catch on quick when it becomes apparent that someone is posting their
specialty forum or 'subreddit' with the express intention of promoting
their brand or hawking a product. That said, reddit gives marketers the
ability to pay for a link to remain at the top of a subreddit for as
much time as you're willing to pay for - and lucky for marketers that
value is grossly underestimated right now, meaning you can get
impressions and clicks dirt cheap. We're talking advertisements that get
15,000 impressions for $10.  If you're writing effective ads that get
even a few clicks, you're already getting a lower cost per click than
just about any platform available for mainstream marketing.

Other honorable mentions include things like Stumbleupon, where promoted
content can go viral for no additional cost, and retargeting using the
Bing display ad network.  These are far from your only choices, but
they're a good starting point to get the wheels turning about how you
might be able to leverage networks outside of the ones that grace
headlines every other day. Of course, the same principles apply when
keeping careful track of your ROI and split testing your ad creative to
make sure you're getting the best return possible.

Looking Forward To Your Success...


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