Formula For Approaching Social Influencers

By | December 11, 2016
Compared to even just a few years ago, the concept of asking niche
influencers to help promote products in exchange for money or for free
products/services from a company is a relatively new concept.  Celebrity
endorsements were once reserved for, well, celebrities!

Now, however, many people gain followings of increasing impressiveness
in whatever their areas of passion are, and eventually look for a way to
monetize that audience.  Here, marketers have a golden opportunity to
get a recommendation from someone with genuine influence and authority
over their target market, but the approach has to be good, and it has to
be sincere.

Step 1) Start as a fan

This is a step that many online marketers and business owners often skip
right over, without giving any real thought to.  In doing this, they
immediately change the position from which they approach the influencer,
and drastically reduce their chances of a positive response, especially
if they're reaching out to someone who is fairly new to this type of
business interaction.

The best thing you can do is to engage with that person as an audience
member first.  Like and leave thoughtful comments on their Instagram
posts, reply to them on twitter, religiously comment on every blog post
they put out for a month and a half.

Step 2) Approach with a value proposition in mind

Many influencers get hit up for 'freebies' all the time, so a great way
to stand out is to be clear that you will benefit, but that you want to
make it worth their time as well.  This often means having an idea of
your budget in mind from the start and also being able to explain why
your product or service might be genuinely useful and of interest to
their audience.  People work hard for their reputations, and they aren't
keen on throwing them away just because you want to pay them a few extra

Let them know that you like their work, have interacted with them
consistently, and have determined that they're a good fit for your brand
 this makes it seem less like you're insincerely hitting up everyone
you can find for promotion (even if you sort of are!).

Step 3) Follow through

Even if it isn't part of your original deal, it's highly recommended
that you continue to interact with your influencer after the promotion,
and maybe even give them something extra/unexpected after the fact.

The idea here is to stand out and be gracious.  Many of these
influencers who start to get some traction have tons of people asking
them to promote their things, and most will...

-	Haggle/try to lowball them

-	Be annoyingly picky about how the sponsored content/posts look

-	Not say a word of thanks or keep in touch after the fact.

If you're the only one who works with them and avoids doing all of these
things, you're going to have a great ally in your niche.

Influencer isn't hard, but that doesn't stop people from getting it
wrong; hopefully, with these steps, you won't have to 'do it wrong' ever

Looking Forward To Your Success



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