Why You Should Freelance, Even When You Have A Job

By | March 3, 2016
strongman_bicep_curl_lg_clrIt's the age old entrepreneur's dilemma:  "I have a job, but I also want
to be my own boss/found a company/pursue my passion.  Of course, I also
don't know that I can give up the security of a full time job in order
to pursue my dreams, what do I do?"

This question is posted in the subreddit for startups probably every
single week, and many more times across forums and blogs dedicated to
internet marketing and entrepreneurship.  Everyone wants a magic answer,
or the nudge they need to tell their boss where he or she can stick it,
as they strike out on their own, destined for great things.  The truth,
however, is something that no one really wants to hear:  you should do

At least in the beginning, the best balance is to sacrifice other areas
of your life to pursue your self-employment goals while at the same
remaining secure in your employment.  Believe it or not, the reasoning
for this extends beyond the financial.  Often, one of the things people
realize when they start pursuing both options at once, is that there is
amazing potential for the cross pollination of skills between both
pursuits.  Skillsets you develop when working on your own and with more
freedom and choice of tasks may teach your new skills that boost your on
the job results.  Likewise, your current role will likely offer you
skills and expertise that you can carry over to your freelance and
entrepreneurial pursuits.

Additionally, many people can use this lifestyle as a stress test to
figure out how bad they want to live the life of an entrepreneur.  The
truth is, those that are successful in this lifestyle often work far
more hours per day than those who work a 40 or 50 hour per week job. 
When you continue regular employment and have to come home, tired, and
still pour in several hours to your own business, you'll start to get an
idea of how badly you want it.  If you find yourself unable to rally
from 6pm to 11pm every night, you might be getting an indicator that
quitting your job to pursue what you thought was your goal could have
been a huge mistake in the first place.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule, just as there will always be
people who are exceptions to any mantra or rule, written or unwritten,
that will ever exist.  That said, many people seem to not be able
self-audit and realize that it is the exception, not the norm, that
someone can jump straight into their entrepreneurial pursuit, throw
caution to the wind, and come out on top.  Ninety percent or more of
startups fail, and your own personal brand, be it for freelance,
affiliate marketing, or otherwise, falls into this category.

Of course, you may just be the exception that proves this entire
sentiment to be invalid in your life, so don't take anyone else's word
for it, right?
I look forward to your success

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