Ideas to get one new customer per day.

By | September 2, 2016
world_business_cooperation_handshake_md_clrIt's easy to get lost in the big picture, in the large, scalable
planning that views customers as numbers and values and conversion rates
rather than individual people.  And, of course, there is a certain stage
in every business where this becomes a necessary evil.  Or, at least, it
can be hard to put in that individual attention when you're servicing
thousands of individuals per day.

Even so, one of the best ways to grow early on is to focus on getting
just one new customer per day; delighting some one person so much that
they just can't help but tell everyone they know about their wonderful
experience with you.  In fact, since word of mouth is so powerful, your
efforts put into this kind of approach are usually amplified and end up
reaching more people than you originally thought.

Here are just a few ways that you can win over a new customer every
single day.

Twitter search

Go to and start looking for conversations using
keywords in your market.  Think about the types of conversations people
in your target market might be having and seek them out.  Now, here's
the trick:  engage with every conversation you see.  Don't advertise,
just offer comments where you are qualified to, send a funny gif in
response to someone describing a common struggle in the industry, etc.

Now, when you find someone who looks like a hot lead (for example,
they're asking the twitterverse if anyone knows of a company that offers
exactly what you do), jump right in!  Let them know you'd love to help,
and that you would like to offer a discount for them as a first time
customer.  More often than not, they'll take you up on it.

The unnecessary gift

So let's say you find someone on twitter, or Instagram, or reddit, or
some community talking about your topic and realize that they might like
what you have to offer.  Instead of asking for their business straight
up, consider taking on the role of a (not creepy) internet stalking and
finding out from their profiles or previous posts what they like, what
their interests are.

Then, message them saying you're a company offering what they're looking
for but that you would like to send them a small gift.  Mail them a note
with a small piece of memorabilia related to their interests, along with
a note letting them know you're there to help if they decide to order
some day.  Sure, spending $20-50 mailing gifts to a lead might seem
excessive, but the potential for long term ROI is huge here.

Kill them with kindness

You know which customer service interactions people are most likely to
remember?  It's not the ones they have with products that are fantastic
from the beginning, it's the interactions that start off with a problem,
but which you or your company handle with poise and an unwavering
commitment to making things right.

No matter what, being nice to people is the right move, and don't
underestimate the ripple effect this can have on people hearing that you
are someone they want to give their business to.

Looking Forward To Your Success!


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