15 Things You MUST Know to Get REAL Results: PART 2

       We now continue The Fifteen Things To                                        Rock Your Facebook Page Results! 8: If you have the time to respond, then let fans message you privately. It’s an awesome idea to let your customers and fans send you private messages – this can result in better customer service, fewer complaints made publicly and… Read More »

15 Things You MUST Know to Get REAL Results

     Building a Facebook Business Page? If you want an engaging Facebook business page, here’s what you need to know: 1: Don’t confuse business pages with personal profiles. If you create a personal profile for your brand instead of a Facebook Business Page, you’re going to miss out on content creation tools, analytics and paid… Read More »

From Kmart Employee to Multi-Millionaire

Manny Khoshbin arrived in the U.S. at age 14 when his family fled civil unrest in Iran. They were penniless and lived in a station wagon for weeks before finally affording an apartment. Manny got his first job at Kmart, stocking shelves for $3.15 an hour. Fast forward to today and he’s a multi-millionaire. His… Read More »

Let’s Create Your Lead Magnet!

I have tested lead magnets and found several consistent qualities of the really successful ones. And while your lead magnet does not need hit the target for every one of these criteria, the more you can achieve, the better. One Big Benefit: Your lead magnet should deliver one big thing to your subscribers, rather than… Read More »

Bridge Phases Pull Your Reader To The Next Sentence

Keep your readers reading buy using this old sales letter trick. Insert words and phrases that naturally pull the reader (Bridge Phase) into the next sentence, and the next, and the next… Examples:  “Here’s what I’m talking about…”   “You might be wondering…”  “I know you think this is crazy…”   “Here’s why…”  “Meanwhile…”  “On… Read More »


Before they share it, readers have to love your content. So how do you write the next viral blogpost? 1. Offer a simple, practical way of accomplishing a task. According to the New York Times, 94 percent of people share content because they believe it will be helpful to others.That’s why articles such as “10… Read More »

How to use two Instagram accounts at the same time?

Before, if you wanted to switch the Instagram accounts, you needed to log out and then login with a different account. However, that has changed now! With a new update, there is an easier way to manage two accounts. 1. Update your Instagram App. 2. Login your main Instagram account. 3. Go down to the… Read More »

Exude Confidence, Make Conversions

Everybody talks about being assertive and powerful in their content creation but ask any number of internet marketers and you’ll find they’re just repeating something they read in a blog. So, just how do you put some power into your content? I am going to give you a crash course and then you can go… Read More »

If Your Businesses Needed A Sale By Tomorrow, What Would You Do?

One of the most practical, helpful exercises to many would-be entrepreneurs is to force themselves into a fight or die scenario in which they’re forced to find the first customer(s) for their product. If perhaps you’re beyond this stage, you probably still wouldn’t mind growing quicker, which necessitates you to get creative and perhaps further… Read More »

The Real Reason Every Company Wants An App

Back in 2008, Apple released its first iPhone. It was far from the first smartphone to hit the market, but it would likely be the one that made the biggest splash in modern history. As time went on, terms like “apps” entered our everyday lexicon, and ‘smartphone’ has all but just become “phone” or “mobile”… Read More »