Strategies For Outstanding Customer Service

By | October 3, 2016
Even as an individual marketer, the power of word of mouth reviews
regarding your operation and even your personal reputation can be a
huge, huge factor in your success.  Even if you're only an affiliate for
a couple of ebooks, if the reviews customers find are on your site, you
can bet you'll hear from them if the product sucks.  Or if they have
some problem with it.  Or if they just have a question about it.

As you grow and have your own products and services to offer, of course,
this need becomes even more acute.  Here are a few products and
strategies you can implement to make sure you're blowing away customers
with the quality of your service.


For those on a budget, Groove ( is a great free or low-cost
solution (depending on the plan you grab) for organizing your support
messages into organized, convenient threads in a dedicate inbox.  Plus,
you can easily create a knowledgebase that helps to answer many common
questions your customers might have, so you won't have to constantly
answer the same questions.  This is especially a time-saver for those
with SaaS (software as a service) products that may have a learning


Livechat is nothing new, and it has to be effectively managed, but
customers consistently report that it's one of their favorite ways to be
able to reach out and communicate with a brand.  That means that you
should probably think about having it on your site!

Plus, depending on your budget and the exact features you do or don't
need, you'll have a range of choices for your provider.  For example,
oLark is a relatively cheap way to get started, but you may want a suite
like Intercom later on so that you can combine your livechat with things
like scheduled messages, email flows, user data and behavior tracking,
and more.

Dedicated social

This one is largely dependent on the size of your operation, and it
might not be the best option if you're a one-man or one-woman operation,
but it's still valuable to consider.  Many of the world's largest brands
know that being where people want to be is more important than trying to
convince them to be where you want them to be.

To this effect, many brands have twitter handles dedicated to support
which allow users to near-instantly connect with their brands in a
platform they already like to use.  This behavior is being extended to
Facebook chat with the rise of "bots" or smart support software, which
will only continue to be popular and be innovated upon in 2017.

If your budget is causing you to have to make a decision between a more
traditional support system or going with something more cutting edge, it
might be worth making the move that puts you ahead of the curve.

Regardless of how exactly you choose to handle support, it should be one
of the top priorities in a business of any size.

Looking Forward To Your Success! 


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