Sure Signs Your ‘Guru’ Isn’t Worth Following At All

By | September 3, 2016
Their blog is clean and professional looking.  Their Facebook page is
full of fans.  And you find yourself nodding along constantly to their
Youtube videos.

But is your favorite marketing and business figure really everything
they're cracked up to be?  Unfortunately, getting into the business of
'public speaking' or 'coaching' over the past decade has become a fad
that has attracted both ends of the spectrum:  Great people that share
their experiences and valuable lessons with others, but also people who
more rely on charisma than actual knowledge, offering advice that may or
may not pan out.

Let's take a look at how you can separate the value-driven business
thought leaders from the fakes.

They've said more than they've done.

One of the biggest signs that someone isn't quite what they're saying
they are is that it's hard to actually track down any tangible
accomplishments of theirs.  It's incredible how many speakers seem to
only have 'speaking' as their business.  This pyramid-esque tactic means
that you might find out that someone is rich, or appears to be rich, but
doesn't have an actual business driving their success.  They can't point
to any business who they helped raise revenue, they can't show you any
press releases about their started being bought out for big money but
boy, can they talk.

They don't say no to questions they don't know much about.

This is an interesting one in that it usually flies under the radar:  A
huge red flag for speakers and gurus is that they never say no to a
question.  "But wait," you're thinking, "shouldn't I be following
someone knowledgeable?"  And the answer is absolutely, but nobody knows
everything.  By extension, the people who claim to know everything are
often selling snake oil.

Good business people know how to stay in their lane and deliver the best
advice in areas they've actually been able to deliver the best results
in.  On the contrary, someone who isn't legit but wants to seem like
they have it all figured out will likely make something up in order to
answer a question rather than just saying, "That's not an industry I've
worked in so I'm really not comfortable telling you exactly what to do

In fact, someone who uses a sentence like that last one is gaining
instantly credibility in many people's books.

Buzzwords Outweigh Tactics

Do you want to make "instant profit" with "no effort" in a "crazy short"
amount of time?  We've all read those cheesy mid 2000's affiliate
marketing sales letters that read like the digital equivalent of the
world's sleeziest used car salesman.  They don't resonate very well
anymore, and if you notice that the figures you consume content from
spend too much time on buzzwords over any actual substance, it's a sure
sign you should look elsewhere for advice.  People with great tactical
advice don't need to fluff it up with BS adjectives.

Ultimately, the people you choose to follow is your business - but just
make sure you give it the same attention and scrutiny you would any
other business decision!

Looking Forward To Your Success!


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