The Real Reason Every Company Wants An App

By | December 11, 2016
Back in 2008, Apple released its first iPhone.  It was far from the
first smartphone to hit the market, but it would likely be the one that
made the biggest splash in modern history.  As time went on, terms like
"apps" entered our everyday lexicon, and 'smartphone' has all but just
become "phone" or "mobile" these days.

As time has gone on, the buzz surrounding the new world of connectivity
first spurred on by the internet and now taken to infinite lengths by
modern day phones has grown to a deafening roar.  Companies themselves
are now founded - and funded - entirely on ideas for apps alone.

It's all we can do to not open 13 different apps per day, and use them
for everything under the sun.  Dating?  Check.  Communication?  Of
course.  Ordering food?  Every day.   As is exemplified with many from
older generations, it's difficult not to become a bit disenchanted with
the way in which every aspect of the life of the modern human seems to
be facilitating partially or wholly by a device clutched ever tighter in
the palms of our hands.

But, from a marketing perspective, it's important to remember one thing:
 Smartphones and apps and everything that comes along with them all
matter, and it's because they have our attention.  Time after time, what
becomes the cutting edge marketer's greatest tool is not a static
platform, but an ever-evolving shift in where the general attention of a
market is.  First it was print, then it was the radio, then it was TV,
and then came computers and the internet, and now we're got our phones.

To be dismissive of each new platform as it came along was to die a slow
and painful death, clutching to things that just weren't worth their
cost anymore.  This reason and this reason alone should be motivation
enough for you to make mobile a priority if you haven't yet.  On the off
chance that this is serving as a kind of wakeup call, here are just a
couple of smart ways to start accounting for the ways in which people
use their phones today:

-	Shopping should be seamless:  Fingerprint scanning, as a
verification option over pin codes will delight customers.

-	Apps that let them pay directly through the App Store instead of
through their mobile browser.

-	Websites that look even better on mobile than they do on desktop -
don't make the mistake of thinking that mobile is something you just
optimize as an afterthought.

-	Always being available on the platforms where people want to reach
you most.  Don't be stubborn and neglect various social platforms just
because you don't 'get them' yet - your customers are there and will
appreciate the effort you make to meet them where they are.

Above, be vigilant of where the near future will sweep us away to next. 
Virtual reality may still be a ways out from consumer widespread
adoption, but pretending it won't come is a folly.  Whatever comes after
that, the early movers will, once again, find the reward they deserve,
will you be one of them?

Looking Forward To Your Success


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