Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

By | July 12, 2018

SEOEvery website is subject to the likes and wants of top search engines like Google to secure high page rankings that would draw more traffic to its shores. However, some business owners and marketers may not be street-smart in online marketing and updating their websites to be in the good books of Google all the time.

It is crucial to generate an optimized website that is always providing the best of online user experience to every web visitor, but business owners and marketers may face a daunting task with so much on their plates. They revert to Google Ads with a high spending fee to win traffic to their sites, but lack the skills and time.

On the other hand, Google has always been proactive in updating its search algorithm to incorporate the latest technologies and the best of search engine optimization (SEO) features to offer more to web users.

Top SEO Tips
Greater success can come by with the proper implementation of vibrant SEO tips which business owners and marketers could deploy strategically. This should boost the website ranking for the company by top search engines for more traffic to come by.

1) Optimize Homepage
One of the most important SEO tactics for successful online stores is to ensure an optimization of the site at all times. This would refer to the proper design and structure of the website with all its pages such as the landing page that would draw in more potential business leads for the company or brand.

There should be the proper inclusion of relevant keywords which web users would use to seek out the desired information where the website or pages would come on quickly at the top of the SERP list. Business owners and marketers could also opt for a good SEO plugin for better ranking based on the chosen keywords.

The web pages must be professionally designed and maintained with the latest updates that would satisfy web readers or web visitors. A pleasant online user experience is the key to more sales and profits for a company when its homepage is aptly designed and updated according to times and seasons. There must be a proper keeping abreast with the latest technologies to win over business customers who embrace these.

2) Alt tag and Image Names
Another good SEO feature for higher web page ranking is the inclusion of ALT text and image names that have the selected keywords. This is favored by top search engines like Google, whose search algorithm is constantly seeking out websites and web pages with these features.

Although images are strong attention drawers, the size should not be too big to take up space and cause loading time to increase. Hence, a big image should be compressed to enhance the SEO of websites.

3) Page URLs
News of every type is always sought after by web readers. Websites that offer the latest news in the market or industry would win more market readers. Hence, creating news pages is critical to the visibility of the brand or company. This goes for posting news articles where the keywords must be clearly displayed in the proper positions on the web pages.

The page URLs must be clearly listed in simplicity to ensure an obvious notification to the search engines. Modification of web pages could be enhanced with a redirect that leads to the right site.

4) Meta Tags and Title
Meta tags as well as web page titles are useful entities in the SEO of a website. These should include targeted keywords which would draw in more web traffic. There are many powerful tools and expertise in the market such as Yoast that could perform this task professionally for any business or company.

There is no need to edit the code of the website frequently when the right tool is deployed. This would attract the attention of Google, which emphasizes this feature in any webpage than textual information.

5) Subheadings
Headings and sub-headings are dynamic SEO components that could boost the presence of the brand or company in the market. Hence, every webpage should have the best headings or appropriate subheading using the right Alt tags to help web reader and search engines find their information.

These features are highly instrumental in generating higher rankings on a website as they form better online user experience when web readers read the article comfortably.

6) Internal Links
Good web pages should include internal links that would bring in more web traffic. These are dynamic links within the website from other posts or articles. However, these links should only be applied on relevant pages to help web readers and search engines in seeking out what is required.

Internal links are useful in keeping web visitors at a site to reduce bounce rates while possibly boosting conversion rates.

7) Footer
Footer is a special SEO feature that is often overlooked in SEO tactics. There is so much information which could be listed in the footer to boost web page ranking by search engines.

Webmasters could also use sub-menus at the footer to link to other popular contents on the site. This would draw on the interest of web visitors to linger longer at the site for further relevant information.

8) Longer Keyword/phrases
As voice technology becomes more prominent today with the rapidly progressive digital and AI technologies, more and more web users are deploying voice searches on Siri. Google is stepping up with more stringent search algorithm requirements that include a greater importance on longer keywords known as long-tail keywords in website searches.

It can be seen that more and more web users today are deploying the latest technologies such as mobile technologies and voice or AI technologies for online searches. Business owners and marketers need to be aware of the changing market trends and consumer needs.

A highly ranked website by top search engines comes with a price; it must be constantly optimized. There are many SEO features which should be incorporated to capture the attention of Google and targeted web visitors to boost the sales and profits of a company.

I hope this helps…. Looking Forward To Your Success!


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