Two Blunt Ways to Get More Clicks through Your Headline

By | January 4, 2015

clicksContent marketing is bigger than ever so that means tons of articles and
blogs are going up and being shared each and every day. With social
media being such a large part of the virality equation, we all know the
importance of a good headline. But with click-baiting reaching its
slow, but inevitable death and so many other articles and blogs out
there on similar topics, what’s to set your headline apart from the rest
of the pack?

Now, we all know about the fundamentals of good headline writing,
catchy, tells the “get,” puts the keywords or phrase in the beginning,
makes the viewer want to click and read more, but hasn’t anything
changed since we learned these rules? Absolutely.

 Writing Headlines for a Weary Audience

The main thing that has changed is not the way we create content itself,
but rather, the way our audience perceives it. That is to say, they’ve
been there, clicked that. Your article likely won’t be ground-breaking
(though it might be, in that case, I’d like to read you instead of the
other way around!), but that doesn’t mean it can’t sound some horns and
trumpets on the way in.

Here are two great methods for bluntly writing headlines that will
bypass the red warning lights headlines like these can sometimes give

 1. Here’s Why You’ll Use This Headline.

I like to call this the “here’s why” blunt approach. Here’s why you’re going to buy my product. Here’s why you don’t need your cell phone anymore. Here’s why your dog
is killing you. Whatever it is that you have to tell them, boom! It’s
right there in their face now and there’s no denying it. What this does
is it generates curiosity while literally telling them what they are
going to learn if they click on your headline and read your article.
It’s pure subtle genius and that’s why you’re going to start using it.

2. The Best Headline Tip Ever

Telling Them What it Is. Okay, so
we’ve all fallen victim to writing “the best” headlines, that is to say,
headlines with the phrase, “the best” in them. Of course! People
Google “The Best so and so” all the time, we want to rank for that. Are
you selling the best so and so of all time? Probably not. Do you have
the best tip in the world for making money online? If you did, you
wouldn’t be sharing it. Look, nobody really expects the best when they
click on a headline, but they also know that if a headline is vague like
that, chances are it’s just some lazy marketer trying to get some
traffic. Not anymore! Behold, The Best Way to Use “The Best” in Your
Headlines, Tell Them! Essentially, what you want to do is tell the
reader what it is you are calling the best before they click. For
example: “The Best Hot Dog Ever, Ball Park Franks.” Or, “The Best
Online Marketing System: Bill Gates Finally Weighs In.”

Delivering the Goods

After you’ve come up with this killer headline for your content, it’s
time to deliver on the promised goods. Don’t disconnect your headline
from your content or you will never get another click from that reader
again. When a reader clicks on your headline, they have an expectation
and you have a duty to deliver on that, if you don’t, you will break
their trust and no matter how great your product or service is, you
won’t make one sale from that content.

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