The 2 Social Media Sites That You Aren’t Taking Advantage of In Your Business

By | July 1, 2015

social mediaSocial media apps and sites popup with alarming frequency. Also
alarming, is the rate at which these platforms seem to overtake each
other in traffic and popularity. While you can’t go wrong growing your
influence at the top of the food chain where a couple of massive
entities still dominate, you can sure as heck get innovative and ride
the wave on newer trends to quickly become a standout resource for
potential followers. With that in mind, here are a couple of platforms
most marketers aren’t taking adequate advantage of.

Pinterest – Pinterest is the iceberg of social media platforms: Unless
you’ve spent some time exploring, it might seem like not that much is
going on over there, but you’d be dead wrong. When measured in monthly
unique visitors, Pinterest is actually the 4th most visited social
network on the English-speaking planet; it trails only Facebook,
Twitter, and LinkedIn. Yep, it even beats out heavyweights like Tumblr
and Instagram.

The nature of Pinterest, which is all about quickly sharing images,
whether original or curated, makes it such a great opportunity for
brands. On Pinterest, “boards” can be created within a theme, so a
board may consist of “nature scenes,” for example. Your business can
take advantage of this unique tagging system, no matter what niche
you’re in, and grant itself massive exposure. Let’s say you were
working with an offline client who was a construction contractor, for
example. You could create an account for them and start adding images
of their stellar work to boards on houses, architecture, even
remodeling. And, yes, those all exist.

With unique monthly hits in the hundreds of millions per month, don’t
pass up on this opportunity to turn your brand, site, or niche expertise
into a visual, sharable commodity.

Periscope – “Peri-what?!” you might say (especially if you’re not on the
cutting edge of social media already). Periscope is a new app that
allows individuals to livestream what their phone camera is seeing to
the internet. In turn, users can follow their stream and comment and
chat in real time. The concept of livestreaming is years old, but
Periscope seem to have finally been able to popularize it on mobile.
Since that’s where most people are spending their time these days
anyways, it’s started to really take off.

The whole point of Periscope is to teleport users to another location,
lifestyle, or adventure. Savvy social media marketers have taken to
announcing that the most interesting parts of their day will be streamed
– and you’d be surprised at what really seems to hit home for people!
Make a live Q&A session happen during your lunch break, show off your
daily work ritual that really gets you in the zone. Even if the
majority of your day involves sitting at a computer, you can find a way
to deliver some livestreamed value to people out there who are in the
same boat or who are trying to follow in your footsteps.

Of course, these are far from the only social hangouts you should be
working on, but they’re good places to start. Depending on the needs
and demographics of your niche, you may also find certain platforms make
a lot more sense for content presentation, so don’t be afraid to deviate
when it makes sense.

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