3 Steps To Advertising On Reddit – Part One

By | October 3, 2016

Just as in the pre-internet days certain advertising platforms dominated
the advertising space - like TV, print, and radio - other fringe
opportunities always existed that, when leveraged correctly, could
result in a massive ROI for those that take advantage of them in a
clever way.  For example, the first brands to pay for celebrity
endorsements, or the first brands to think that they could put their
name on the side of a bus, those brands took advantage of something that
those subscribing to the mainstream may have missed (even if they
became, in time as all things do, the mainstream themselves).

Today, Facebook advertising has packed itself on to Google AdWords and
Youtube pre-roll ads as the sort of mainstream of modern advertising. 
That said, however, there are other platforms you may want to take a
look into, even if they don't often make the rounds in online marketing
circles.  While there are more than one, this content is going to
explore reddit.

Reddit is an online community divided into thousands of sub-communities
where people share, comment, and vote upon submitting content related to
a common interest group.  For example, there's a subreddit where people
discuss photography and share their work, another where Android
developers share tips and tricks for building mobile apps, yet another
where rappers and music producers collaborate on new pieces, and so on.

The point is, there are hyper-targeted communities around just about any
conceivable interest, and those interests will undoubtedly overlap with
your target markets.  The best part?  You can totally advertise to
individual interests communities.  Here's a brief introduction to how:

1)	The "creative".  The creative, or ad content, that you will use to
make up your actual ad is a little different on reddit.  In most cases,
your promoted link to a landing page will be shown at the top of one of
the subc-ommunities as a small thumbnail image and a couple lines of
text.  You get several hundred characters to use, so write a descriptive
and enticing headline, and choose a thumbnail image that is interesting
enough to entice a click (an image with a real person, like yourself,
does well)

2)	Make a descriptive landing page.  Because other ad creatives on
sites like Facebook would allow you to have more words and larger images
to illustrate what you're selling, you can afford to not explain things
as in-depth on your landing page.  With reddit, you'll need to treat
your landing page as a one stop shop where people can obtain all the
information they could possibly need before making a decision.

3)	Respond to comments.  When your ad goes live on reddit, people may
want to comment on your ads and ask questions.  Always answer them. 
Additionally, reddit is a smart and critical community, so they may ask
tough questions, the best thing you can do is be honest and humble -
never engage in an argument on your own ads!

Done right, reddit can be a massive advertising opportunity, a hidden
gem in which 1,000 impressions can go for as little as $1.50.  Learn to
speak the unique language of the platform, and your dollars will be
going further than every other marketer who's stuck in the mainstream.

Looking Forward To Your Success! 


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