Create an Exit Traffic System

By | September 22, 2017

Create an Exit Traffic System Despite your best efforts, people are going to hit the back button on your site and bail out without joining your list, without buying a product, and without clicking on any ads. That doesn’t mean that they’re poor-quality visitor who’ll never buy anything from you.

Instead, it could mean they just didn’t see the right offer, or they’re in a hurry, or you didn’t sufficiently persuade them to take action. The problem is that if they leave, they’ll probably be gone for good. They’ll forget about you. So that’s why you need to stop them when they’re going out the door and put an irresistible offer in front of them.

For example, redirect your exit traffic to a highly enticing lead magnet so that you can get people on your list before they leave your site. For best results, create multiple lead magnets so that you can offer the lead magnet that is directly related to the page the visitor was viewing before they tried to leave the site.

For instance, if your visitor was reading a blog article about how to set up a Facebook ad campaign, then offer them a lead magnet (such as a report) that gives in-depth instruction and “done for you” ad templates.

TIP: Don’t know how to redirect exit traffic to another page? No problem. You can search for “exit traffic scripts” in your favorite search engine. You might be able to find a plugin also that will do it.

And finally…

Test and Tweak Everything!! One of the best ways to monetize your traffic is to test and track all parts of the process to find out what really works. Specifically:

• Test offers to see which ones appeal the most to your visitors.

• Test ad and link placements, including in the header, footer, sidebar, and directly embedded in content.

• Test your headlines, benefits and calls to action to see which improve conversions.

• Test your upsells to increase your per-transaction value.

• Test the design of your pages to improve overall response.


Now Let’s wrap things up…

Conclusion So there you have it – a quick and effective checklist for making the most money with your traffic. To recap:

• Pick one primary monetization goal.

• Design your web pages around this primary goal.

• Test and track everything to optimize response.

It’s pretty simple, but very effective! So put this plan to work for you today to start making more money from all your traffic.


I look Forward To Your Success!


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