Exude Confidence, Make Conversions

By | January 4, 2017
Everybody talks about being assertive and powerful in their content
creation but ask any number of internet marketers and you'll find
they're just repeating something they read in a blog.  So, just how do
you put some power into your content?  I am going to give you a crash
course and then you can go back and see where we wrote assertively and
where we-purposefully--didn't right in this very content.

Exude Confidence, Make Conversions

The formula is simple.  When you're confident and show it through your
language, your reader/lead believes you and is more willing to do what
you tell them to.  That's because you emit authority and remove all
doubt from the viewer's mind.

But what happens when you're too assertive?  Let's take a look at the
three most common types of writing styles that occur during content

1. Aggressive Writing-This is a style that can only be used at certain
times.  Use it in the wrong instance and you risk alienating your reader
and blowing the sale.  You can tell aggressive writing by the use of
ultimatums (e.g. click here or your child won't go to a good college),
questions that seem too intense (e.g. do you really want to keep on
failing?), manipulative and dishonest content (e.g. this cures baldness)
or something that is just downright offensive (e.g. Hey fatso, take this
diet pill).

2. Passive Writing-This is pretty much the opposite of aggressive
writing and can be spotted by passive CTAs (e.g. when you have a minute,
read the article I wrote...), indecisiveness (e.g. we're really not sure
which blender is better, but maybe you should try both) and lack of
information (e.g. the thing is dark and works really well).  This
shouldn't be confused with passive voice since that's a very effective
content marketing tool in the right hands.

3. Assertive Writing-This is where you want to be.  Confidence,
direction, power and respect.  This is how experts and those with
authority write.  There is no "because" needed-there's just a CTA that
tells you what to do.  The writing has already explained why through its

Two Big Words to Look Out For

Here are the two most commonly used words that trigger passive writing. 
Learn to avoid these in your content unless you really know what you're
doing with them:

- So.  So, if you're ready to sign up...Drop the 'so' and just leave it
as "If you're ready to sign up..."  The So implies that there are
options, but doesn't lead the client towards making the right one.  Yes,
they need to be ready already, otherwise you've failed during your

 Just to be clear...Once again, you don't need the 'just' at the
beginning of that sentence.  Most writers will put the 'just' in because
they feel it takes the aggressiveness down a notch, but what it really
does is takes it down two notches-straight to passive writing. "To be
clear, you should..."

Tips and Tricks for Good Content

The best thing that you can do to practice your assertive tone is to go
back through your old and existing content, reworking it.  Look for
places that you can be more concise and to the point.  Don't take out
things that matter, but do remove fluff.  Look at the sentence and ask,
"Is this sentence pulling the customer further farther into the sales
funnel, or is it stalling them?"  If it's stalling, it needs to go.

Then, use clear and powerful action verbs wherever possible.  Your
competition isn't just lying, they're manipulating.  You aren't selling,
you're providing.  You aren't writing content, you're creating it.  
Words like these set a tone of assertiveness for the reader, and for
you, the content creator.  You'll find it much easier to be assertive,
find your voice and let your true authority ring through.  Once that
happens, you become a leading authority figure in your industry. Once that
happens, you become a leading authority figure in your industry.

I Look Forward To Your Success! 



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