Here’s Why Your Sales Letter Isn’t Converting

By | May 5, 2016
12Copywriting is one of those easy to learn, hard to master essential
skills of online marketing that is dogged by so many small mistakes that
can add up and bring down even what seems like the most incredible piece
of content upon first inspection.

This is specifically about uncovering some of the weak points of many
sales letters, and squashing them out of your own.  Let's jump right
into it.

Your traffic is misaligned

Alright, curveball, this doesn't have to do with your copywriting
exactly, but it is a reason why your sales letter isn't pulling the
weight you wanted it to.  Sometimes, people craft an amazing piece of
copy only to find out (if they're luck they find out, at least), that
what they've made isn't striking a chord with the people who are
actually visiting the site.

In fact, it's all too common to find that the traffic sources feeding
your cite are the root of your conversion problems.

Your customers are smarter than you give them credit for

More and more often, it's not just career marketers who cringe at cheesy
headlines and too-good-to-be-true testimonials and claims.  As most
markets become more educated and used to doing research and business
online, there's an increased level skepticism that needs to dictate how
you write your copy.  Namely, you can't make the same claims you did in
2005 unless you've got some really kickass, indisputable evidence to
back them up.  Even then, you'll have to be good to make them believe
that evidence is as real as you say it is.  Just look at the outrage
over various election and voter fiascos this election cycle – people are
paying more attention, and social media makes it exceedingly easy.

Your design is detracting from your words

If you can't write you content like it's ten years ago, you can't design
your site like it either.  It's absolutely insane the same kind of
longform, cheesy, over the top sales letters exist right now for
products that are still relevant and could still be selling extremely
well, if only their approach was changed.

Sometimes having bad design on a sales letter page is just the result of
too much DIY spirit or of a poor designer hire, but more often it's that
people have gotten comfortable with a working sales funnel, even as it
slowly declines over time, and haven't gotten around to reworking and
testing all over again.

Your pricing is too low

Interestingly enough, it's been shown that people tend to think that a
lower case indicates a lower quality, and when people have more
skepticism of the online marketing world in general right now, it's not
hard to see how they might not see your $27 ebook as the epitome of
quality and complete solutions.  This is especially true if the price
has remained constant over a long period of years where other goods have
inflated and increased in cost.

Of course there are other issues - plenty to go around! - with sales
letters, but these are a few that more than a few people have forgotten
to consider, and have ended up losing out on sales for it.

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