How to use two Instagram accounts at the same time?

By | February 2, 2017
Before, if you wanted to switch the Instagram accounts, you
needed to log out and then login with a different account. However,
that has changed now! With a new update, there is an easier way to
manage two accounts.
1. Update your Instagram App.
2. Login your main Instagram account.
3. Go down to the Information section and find the option Add
account, which will allow you to add a new account.
Remember that if your app is not up to date, you will not see
this option, so make sure you have the latest version.
4. After selecting the Add account, you will be redirected to
the home screen where you must provide the username and
password of the account you want to add.
5. Enter the information and press Login.
6. Now you will notice that when you enter Instagram, instead
of the previous icon on the bottom right, you will see the
photo of your Instagram profile, this image is used to indicate
which one of your accounts you are using.
7. To change your account, simply click on this image and go to
your profile. In the upper left corner you will find a drop-down
arrow, there you will see both profiles and you will be able to
switch easily from one to another, without having to close the
session. You can also add another account if you wish.
I hope this helps out!
I Look Forward To Your Success!!

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