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By | December 25, 2017

blog trafficGetting a good flow of web traffic is critical to the survival of any business. Modern businesses require greater market awareness and brand presence to ward off intense competition to survive in the market. However, many business owners and marketers also discover the dynamics of blogging in this cause. It is a trend in the market world to engage in blogging for companies to drive more traffic to their sites. Blogging is also an excellent source of lucrative earning where many people could kick start a personal blog to attract more readers.

Killer Tips in Optimization Blogs

Although blogging could be an excellent marketing tool in driving traffic to a website, many bloggers may not understand its dynamics to enjoy the advantages offered especially in deploying relevant marketing techniques in their blogs.

It is possible to optimize a blog efficiently with the myriad of effective options in the market to improve the page ranking on SERP listings by top search engines. A blog page could prove to be a powerful marketing tool when its dynamics are aptly deployed in a marketing strategy. Good backlinks could be achieved to boost web traffic to the site, but SEO is proactive only with optimized blogs. Businesses that manipulate blogging as part of their strategic marketing plan is geared towards higher profits, especially if the blog is properly optimized.

1) Keyword Research

Optimizing a blog involves executing detailed research on relevant keywords which are popularly used by web users on the Internet. Bloggers must realize the importance of identifying and selecting the best of keywords linked to their blogs before posting to ensure better rankings by top search engines like Google. The right inclusion of the best keywords or keyword phrases in a blog could cause a great impact on traffic and ranking as proven by companies that adhere to such practices. Increased rankings will likely boost the volume of web traffic to the company’s website to enjoy higher sales and profits. Business owners and marketers could employ powerful keyword planner tools in the market to select the right keywords to be included in their blogs. Good keywords are killer options in optimizing the blog post to ensure higher traffic to the website as most web users manipulate keywords to find what they want quickly in any online session using various dynamic digital devices.

2) Win-win Links

With the market growing bigger by the day, it may be necessary to work with others in similar industries to win over targeted audiences. Bloggers could converge to promote each other in their personal blogs or articles which could include their own links that bring interested web users to their blog site. Such reference links are very powerful indeed to bring more web traffic to the blog site where a bigger mailing list of fans and followers could be established. This is known to be an ethical blog marketing technique which ensures good backlinks as well as improving blog rankings by top search engines where first page results are possible. Good industrial relations could be established among industry bloggers where each ‘scratches’ another’s back for the benefit of all. With good relations established amongst bloggers, greater results could be achieved; this includes widening the market presence of the bloggers and attracting targeted audiences to the blogger’s circle of influence.

3) Social Media Dynamics

It is no doubt that social media has become a powerful and dynamic marketing platform that is highly versatile in connecting with more potential business leads and customers. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have been identified as vibrant marketing platforms which allow easy and quick connectivity with targeted audiences that could boost the popularity of the blogger. It is now so easy to share a link to the blog on preferred social media networks when bloggers have an active account which they connect with potential fans and followers. This approach is highly effective in securing more web visitors to the blog site as any popular social media boasts of millions, if not billions, of users today. Hence, the market is immensely wide for any blogger or business owner to capitalize on for the right market audience to promote themselves in any business manner. Blogs are now highly popular with many readers sharing their favorite posts on their own social media platforms to their personal circles of influence. Bloggers are able to connect with more potential readers, fans and followers when they are given the golden opportunity to reach out to a wider market audience which they may not have in the first place. It is easier for supportive fans and followers to open certain doors of opportunity for the blogger in a marketing attempt than the blogger with limited resources or connectivity.

4) Image Optimization

Having an image in a blog could create a higher level of awe and status for the blog and blogger. However, including an image in a blog could be quite daunting for a blogger if the proper marketing steps are not undertaken well. This includes having the right keywords that are properly researched before including them in the file name for a successful search. This is executed in favor of search engine robots which are unable to read images. Keywords must be properly inserted in the blog alongside the image, especially in the file name or description column that would optimize the image and blog successfully. The image must also be apt to the blog contents to attract the right viewers and readers who would understand the message conveyed via the image and contents. The image needs to be optimized to ensure fast loading that would avoid high bounce rates.


These are critical tips which serious bloggers need to put into practice for the best of blogging results. The objective of these killer tips in optimizing the blog post is to ensure an increase of web traffic to the blog page or site. There are professional SEO companies which could assist in improving the blog ranking through the proper optimization of the blog.

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