Making Your Brand More Likable on Social Media

By | November 25, 2017

A good brand is essential in a world that is flooded with thousands of choices to entice consumers. It is crucial to ensure that the brand is likeable to concede to a success in today’s competitive market. This depends on the business owners and marketers in presenting their business brand appropriately through social media to secure positive results and bring their business to the next level.


Business Likeability is Key

A successful business must sport a likeable brand to be appealing to its target market. This is part and parcel of social media marketing where the business brand is attractive to various consumer groups. A likeable brand from its logo to its business objectives could make or break the success of the business.

Business owners and marketers could designate various social media channels to promote the brand image; and thus, the likeability of the brand effectively and efficiently. It is critical to communicate the business brand properly in targeted communities that would boost the support of the brand and the company so that wider market awareness would happen quickly.

There should also be constant discussions about the brand among target audiences so that the brand is not easily forgotten. There must be a constant buzz and hype happening with the brand in the market for target brand audiences to be engaged with the brand and its promotions. Word-of-mouth advertising is likely to happen to spike the likeability of the brand and all that it offers.


Market Competition

One of the important reasons for brand likeability to be strong is the intense market competition amongst businesses. Every business owner or marketer needs to work extra hard to keep their brand in consumers’ minds and hearts. This would keep the brand and company ahead of intense market competition to survive in the industry and the market.

When the brand is made known to target audiences, there is a higher chance of securing more sales and profits. Liking a brand is the key step for businesses to win over their preferred customers to enjoy higher sales and profits. Brand building is an essential part of successful marketing today to capture the target market for any business or industry. This leads on to a stronger brand loyalty established among target audiences to boost sales and profits for the company.

There are many ways in which business owners and marketers could indulge in to make their brand more likeable. Social media is a dynamic online marketing platform which could be highly instrumental in boosting the market presence of the brand and company.


1) Be Genuine

 Genuineness implies integrity which is highly valued by consumers who want transparency in a brand. This is not an optional feature for businesses that want to gain the trust and confidence of targeted markets to grow their presence and image. This is the preferred way of life and business amidst the heavy competition in the marketplace today.

Genuineness also implies sincerity where the brand offers quality in its products and services. It is an excellent way to connect with target market audiences on a humane level and perspective. A strong relationship can be established to boost the business and company where trust and confidence radiate for market success.


2) Value-added Content

 Superior contents are highly sought after in the market today; successful businesses or brands must provide consistent quality contents that offer value and relevancy. Contents must be compelling and informative to targeted audiences while conveying usefulness as a feasible solution.

When the contents are superior in quality, the brand name of the product or service and business is boosted. Regular provisions of quality contents keep the customers loyal and wanting for more while drawing new customers and converting potential business leads to grow the business.

Good contents could be disseminated through various manners that they would reach a larger audience. This includes good-quality backlinks which could be clicked on easily to direct potential business leads to the right website for more relevant and attractive information that benefits the customer.

Different types of high quality contents could be shared to benefit target audiences while identifying new niche markets to boost business growth and outcome. The contents could be in the forms of appealing and entertaining graphic images or/and videos to attract the right crowds at the right season while promoting the brand. This will cause the brand to be more likeable and easily remembered by consumers.


3) Lose the Hard Sell

 A likeable brand in any business should not be coercing customers or potential business leads. Hard selling is a poor marketing concept that undermines the intelligence of consumers while disrespecting their purchase options and decision making. Hence, hard selling is ineffective in making a brand likeable.


On the contrary, business owners and marketers should work diligently in building strong customer relationships before introducing the products or services. A healthy relationship with the customer or potential business lead could generate trust and confidence in the brand which leads to stronger brand credibility in the market. The right business opportunity will come by to introduce the brand and its offerings for sales and profits.


4) Stronger Customer Interactions

Every successful business requires strong customer interactions or engagements where transparency is encouraged. Customers would want total openness in their relationship with the brand before supporting it in the market. That is basic human behavior.


Strong customer interactions should be consistent between business owners and marketers through various available channels such as social media where dynamic online platforms that attract and form a plethora of web communities are possible. Webinars and online chat rooms could be created to help customers and potential business leads understand the brand and business better. Social media is a very dynamic marketing platform to attract preferred niche markets for brand building.



When a brand is appealing, it is easy to like it and consumers are more likely to support its presence in the market. Brand likeability is highly crucial to the success of the brand in the market and needs to be carefully crafted into a dynamic marketing plan especially on social media.

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