Why You Might Want To Pay Attention To Podcasting Again

By | July 1, 2015

headphones_sound_waves_md_whtLet’s get one thing out in the open straight away….

We all know that podcasts are nothing new. In this post, I’m not going to try and
tell you that podcasts are anything new – these web-hosted, episodic
radio show type broadcasts have been around for roughly a decade now.
So no one would have known that they would have just soared back into
popularity, but, by gosh, they absolutely have.

Of course, the time to develop the medium and for listeners/viewers to
grow their expectations means that anyone who wants to standout these
days is going to need to try a little harder in order to make a splash.
Let’s take a look at how you can turn your personal brand(s) into the
splashiest of podcast.

What Do You Pod About?

First things first, dig into something that you can really dominate.
What are you so passionate and knowledgeable about that you’ll be able
to put in more hours each day than anyone else? What part of your
business do you feel you have the strongest execution in and would be
the most impressive for someone earlier on in their journey to learn

Once you’ve honed in on something you can do well, start thinking about
how you could make it interesting. For most people, podcasts start out
as a series of videos or recordings where they simply talk about what
they know. As long as you’re personable and can pull that off with some
enthusiasm, you’re ahead of the game. That said, once you get several
episodes deep, even the most prolific thinkers might be at a loss as to
what to say into the microphone.

What Kind Of Format Should Your Podcast Be?

Here, a great route to go down is the Q&A route. If you’ve built up a
little subscriber base, ask them to tell you what they want to know, ask
how you can help with the problems they’re facing, etc. Or you can go
down the tutorial route. Or you can create themed episodes in which you
do a giant fast paced knowledge-dump of everything you’ve got on a
certain topic. Keep your show interesting at all costs; look at what
else exists in your market, and make your content the obvious choice.

This revival is also very much about the use of diverse media. In the
early days, podcasts were often audio-based and lived in itunes,
embedded in webpages, or even on platforms like Soundcloud and the like.
Now, many podcasts come in video form – it’s not a necessity, but it
does give you broader options for presenting your show. Even if you
stick to audio format, take advantage of promotional graphics and logos
to pique interest for your podcast.

The Do’s and Dont’s Of Podcasting

Become memorable through the use of a catchy intro or jingle. Don’t
make music? Don’t write jingles? No problem, just grab a freelancer –
old standbys like fiverr, odesk, and freelancer are alright to start,
but with a bit of searching you can find specialists ready to spice up
your show intro without breaking the bank. There’s a reason
advertisements have had jingles for decades: They get stuck in your
head, and, along with them, comes brand recall.

Finally, assure good audio (and video, if applicable) quality. Don’t
worry, you can do this on a budget. For most audio podcasts, you can
achieve a professional sounding setup for less than $100. Grab a
quality USB mic (I use the ‘Snowball’ and other iterations by Blue are really
excellent). Once you’ve got your recording, learn a bit about how to
make your voice sound nice and rich using a free program like Audacity.
When you launch your podcast, try to have several episodes already
recorded so that listeners will be hooked from day one.

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