‘Pin’ a Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Profile to Attract More Traffic

By | March 2, 2015

twitterDo you have a Tweet pinned to the top of your profile on Twitter? Wait,
wrong social media network, right?

Not really. Twitter will actually let you “pin” a Tweet to the top of
our Twitter stream so that people visiting your page will always see
that particular Tweet first, as opposed to the default setup in which
your most recent posting appears on top.

What are the benefits of this? Well, first you have more control over
what visitors see when they land on our Twitter feed (uh, duh!). But
that means that you can create whatever kind of image you want to
project, something that can be extremely helpful if you use your Twitter
feed primarily to support your other Internet marketing platforms or

There’s also a social benefit. For example, if you want to attract
members of the opposite sex or people with similar interests to yours,
you can “pin” the most appropriate Tweet so that it’s always present at
the top of your page – such as the photo where you appear most buff, or
something related to your hobby or interests.

If you use Twitter a lot, not everything you post is going to be
something you want to represent who you are to other Twitter users. For
example, you may Share something you found funny but that other people
might find offensive. Or you could Tweet something off the cuff that
could be taken out of context later.

This is something that happens to sports starts and celebrities all the
time. Who’s to say you are immune to it, especially if you are prone to
“Tweeting under the influence”.

Setting It Up

Setting up the Tweet you want to pin to the top of your Twitter feed is
super easy. All you go to the Tweet you want pinned, then click on the
“…” icon at the bottom right hand corner. (You probably never noticed
this before, did you?) Then all you have to do is simply click on the
“Pin to your profile page” option and there you go.

Make sure you pick a Tweet that truly represents the image you want to
project. In other words, don’t just arbitrarily pick some Tweet you
think is pretty funny or an okay picture of you. Remember, you only get
one chance to make a good impression. Twitter is worldwide and your
profile could potentially be visited by thousands of different people,
so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

And if you don’t, well, you can always change it later anytime you want!

The Downside

The biggest drawback to this is the pinned Tweets on your profile can’t
be seen by people who access the social media site from their smart
phones. And, let’s face it, Twitter and mobile phones were made for each
other. When was the last time you accessed Twitter from your PC or
laptop? It was probably at least a couple of years ago.

So will posting your best Tweet to the top of your Twitter profile
actually make a difference? Let’s put it this way: It couldn’t hurt. You
can’t control how people what kind of devices people use to access your
Twitter profile. If someone does happen to stumble upon (oops! Wrong
site again) your Twitter feed from their laptop or PC and they do happen
to like your great Tweet enough to re-Tweet it, well, then that’s bonus!

The bottom line is that if you want to increase your popularity on
Twitter and do a better job of managing your reputation, why not pin the
best Tweet possible to the top of your profile?

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