How to Promote Your Blog Posts as an Online Marketer: Part 1

By | December 2, 2015

Content is king, queen, and the whole royal court these days. In fact,
the nod given to creating longform, rich content by traditional ad
agencies, who themselves have rebranded in droves to ‘media agencies’,
should give you some indication as to the way of the online marketing
tides right now.

Consistently, brands who embrace the content creation trend rather than
throw more money at legacy methods are scoring bigger than their more
stubborn counterparts, and that’s because it’s mostly a win/win
scenario: Brands who are willing to work consistently build their
followings, and consumers get something with a little more thought than
a banner ad.

Naturally, the charge on content marketing was led by savvy content
marketers long before mega-brands and agencies caught on, but the
particulars of its evolution have little relevance today.

For marketers, this can be viewed as a good or a bad thing. On the one
hand, you can come up with great ideas that people love and share and
put those great ideas down into writing without being a bigtime agency.
The bad part, however, is that they’ve got the chance to churn out a lot
more content when working in teams.

How do you compete? Well, for one, you should always be striving to do
what someone else does better than they have. Because content marketing
is a value game, a vast library of past projects and work can be
completely obliterated and made obsolete by one game-changing piece
that’s so amazing, so legit, that people can’t help but pay attention.

The next step is to make sure that you’re giving every single post the
‘after-care’ it deserves. For independent content marketers, you’ll
probably be looking to spend at least as long promoting an article as
you do creating, and preferably 2-3 times that amount.

To achieve this, start putting together a promotion list with the
different places and ways in which you will share every single post. As
a new avenue comes to mind, add it. As you check analytics and find
certain methods aren’t actually generating any interest or traffic for
you, drop them and try and find something else to replace that method.

Content marketing fits, in many ways, with the concept of growth
hacking, which has grown to relevance in the past year or two
especially. Growth hacking is about leveraging creative product and
promotion hack that can help to give a business a viral growth factor in
which every user you gain recruits at least one other user to the
service or customer to the product, which means that a brand’s growth
is, at that point, self-perpetuating.

Getting these tactics to culminate in a success story is the stuff of
legends, but those who have been successful (like Dropbox, for example)
know that the core is testing and tweaking constantly. Content
marketing can be an excellent means in driving people into the top of
that funnel.

In part 2, we’ll get into a few of the specifics for sharing a blog post
once it’s been creative, and how you can even growth hack the reach of
your articles, to an extent.

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