How to Promote Your Blog Posts as an Online Marketer: Part 2

By | December 2, 2015

So you’ve churn out a stellar blog post. I mean a real whopper,
something that will make people say, “wow, I’ve never thought of it like
that!” Packed with data, case studies, and references, written with the
eloquence of a modern day Shakespeare, your article is going to take the
internet by storm, if only it finds a few interested eyeballs.

Hold on there, cowboy or cowgirl, it’s a long road ahead. Not that
that’s anything to be afraid of. Once your blog post goes live, here
are a few ways you can kickstart its ability to gain some attention.

Email sources. The advantages of citing actual sources and other
authorities in a niche are twofold. First, they give your own writing
extra authority because anyone can just say something, but once it’s
backed up with facts and figures you can show that you’ve done your

The second advantage is that you can actually try and leverage the
people and sites you’ve used as sources to help share your article.

If you wrote in an article on top resources for bloggers (please, don’t
actually write this article unless you can do something better than the
40,327,811 out there that already exist), you might have mentioned
someone’s software that you use on a daily basis.

Once your article goes live, send the company an email and/or tweet at
them, letting them know you’re a fan and saying you mentioned them in
your latest post. At the end, politely ask that they consider sharing
the article with their own audience if they enjoyed it.

Make friends with the big dogs, even when they seem out of reach. Every
big content marketer whose blog posts now get 1,000+ shares each week
started out where you are. They were grinding when no one paid
attention and they recognize the struggle.

If you can offer them some sort of help in their business, if you can
consistently network and show them that you ask smart questions in their
comment sections, or that the posts of yours that you’re tweeting show
that you’re putting in the time and effort and aren’t going anywhere,
they’ll notice.

When the time comes, it might just not be too much of a stretch for you
to reach out and ask if they might give some super cool thing you’ve
written a nudge. That’s pretty cool (so make it happen!).

Of course, you should also be making sure that you give your own
channels a mega nudge on your own.

Post to Facebook, schedule several tweets to go out over a few days
using tweetdeck, post images to tumblr that link back to your content,
take advantage of Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn groups, as these can
be deceptively good places to get your content seen by those who would
find them relevant.

More sensitive communities, like Reddit and Inbound, can also be great
places to share, but will require some more finesse.

Whatever your promotional tactics, keep them constantly evolving, and
don’t be afraid of trying something that might not work, because it just
might be a gold mine for you.

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