What is Relationship Marketing?

By | March 23, 2015

relationship marketingDo you truly understand the term “relationship marketing”? The best way to describe this is as follows:
Relationship Marketing is used to help interact with your customers and business associates. It can be viewed as a strong communication method that helps the business owner provide customers with highly targeted and relevant information.
This is a term that can be viewed differently by people. Basically, in business circles, it is a way to build a relationship with your customers. Now we are not just talking about sending out emails or a newsletter to your customers. You want to look at this topic with a view to branding your company. Who doesn’t recognize the McDonald’s Arch or the Nike Swoosh? These symbols instantly create a relationship with the customer.
Branding is highly important when it comes to relationship marketing. For your business you want to think about how you can create some type of relationship with your customers or your readers.
One way is to come up with a logo, as the big companies have. You may also want to consider the colors that you use. Try to brand all of your websites, emails and social pages with the same look. This helps to create a brand that becomes familiar to your customers.

When they see the same branding over and over again, they become more comfortable. They will have less inhibitions when it comes to making a purchase. Other ideas that can help you build a relationship include running a marketing campaign. Just getting your business face in front of people on a regular basis can help with relationship marketing. Take a look at your favorite actor or band, how do they create a relationship with you? Take these principles and apply them to your own business.
Staying in touch with your customers is another easy way to create a relationship with them. If you have a mailing list or publish a newsletter, add your personality to your content. Allow your subscribers to know you a little more personally. Share tidbits on what you did on the weekend or what business issues you are dealing with. You don’t have to share your life story, but just sharing a few things now and again can help your customers know, like and trust you.
As you can see there are various ways to build trust and interaction with your customers. See which angle of relationship marketing appeals to you and work on it regularly.

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