Three Emotional Triggers to Drive Sales with Words

By | October 2, 2015

The reasons we buy things vary greatly from person to person. For one,
the need to fix a leaky roof might be the most immediate need in their
life. To another, a new flat screen TV may seem like a necessary update
to keep up with all that the entertainment world has to offer. While
the motivations behind specific purchases do seem vastly different, many
of the most important buying motivators can be boiled down to a few
needs and emotions. Today, we’re going to take a look three different
universal purchase motivation factors that you can use to enhance any
part of your sales funnel. Traditionally, these triggers have resided
solidly in the copywriting world, but keeping them in mind when creating
all kinds of marketing materials, when designing your sales funnel, and
more can be a great way to implement these triggers above and beyond the
standard sales letter.

The Need for Shelter & Comfort: There are few things that motivate
people more than an uncomfortable or uncertain living situation. A
great example of this is the seemingly miracle stories of internet
marketers who may have been homeless or couchsurfing when they started
out, doing whatever they could on their local library’s internet to make
ends meet.

If your product solves a problem within this niche, you’ve already got
some of your work done for you, because you’ve essentially got automatic
demand. That said, if you can work into your copy and funnel that your
product can improve living conditions or comfort, you can tap into this
trigger as well from other markets.

The Need For Love and Companionship: Let’s be honest, no one is
surprised by this one! With the amount of ‘get your ex back!’ and
‘seduction’ products out there, it’s pretty clear that romantic prowess
and success are important to most people. This issue has only been
exacerbated by modern dating apps and sites (Tinder, etc.) which focus
almost exclusively on looks and nothing else. Many people feel
slighted, and like they won’t be able to perform well on these
platforms, making this trigger even more potent than ever.

Think about how you can suggest that your product, training, course,
etc., whatever it is, can help people to increase their romantic value.
Many products that don’t even directly sell dating advice can still have
strong tie-ins. For example, products on public speaking can be
marketed as products that help boost confidence in most any social
situations, not just speeches, which can translate into a more confident

Financial Success: People love to make money. Money makes the world go
’round. Whatever other cliches you want to drop here. Whether they
admit it or not, most people have a large monetary motivation, and
helping someone get ahead in this way is a major conversionary selling
point. Again, this motivator is not only tied to products geared toward
‘making money’, but it can also be used with educational products that
increase earning potential, lifestyle products that increased perceived
wealth, and more.

The bottom line: Any time you’re creating communications, you should be
putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and hitting them where it, um,
‘motivates’ most.

If you can work these emotional triggers into your product’s hook then
you’re in good shape!

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