Ways to Create Fresh Content to Keep Visitors Coming Back for More

By | March 2, 2015

copywritingCreating new content is critical to the success of your web pages, but
let’s face it: It’s also a pain in the butt.

It often seems like you’ve already said everything you want to say about
your blog or website’s subject matter. Yet if you don’t provide a
constant stream of fresh, engaging content, you risk alienating your
regular visitors and you could stop attracting new fans.

‘Refresh’ Your Pages with Engaging Content

Here’s some easy ways to keep your blog or website engaging and
interesting to new fans and loyal return visitors:

– Engaging Content Is Critical.  This is something you hear a lot, but
what does it really mean? Engaging content can mean any number of
things, such as a lively debate about a controversial subject relating
to your niche to reviews of the latest news. It could mean stories from
your own real life or somebody else’s that are relevant to your subject

Developing engaging content is something that should come organically to
you. If you are the author of a popular blog or website, you probably
already are constantly on the lookout for articles, images and other
content you think your readers might find interesting. But you don’t
always have to give your readers long blocks of text. In fact, it’s
probably better if you don’t.

Infographics are one of the hottest types of engaging content being used
online right now. These are images that present information both
textually and with engaging graphics. The purpose of infographics is to
make your content easier to be absorbed by your visitors.

Videos are another great type of engaging content, especially if you
don’t usually post videos of yourself. If your readers have following
your blog for a long time and then suddenly, BOOM!, there’s a video of
you in your own home or office, it can be like: Mind. Blown.

– Put Your Visitors First. The most successful sites make their readers
the blog or website owners’ top priority. This pays off because when
visitors feel valued, they are much more likely to come back another

Did you ever read a blog or website and think, “Boy, this person is such
a know-it-all?” How did that make you feel? Now compare that to a blog
or website where the author is actively responding to visitors’
questions, sharing stories about interactions with fans, and inviting
visitors to share their stories or tips as they are relevant to the
blog’s subject matter. Big difference. Much more inviting.

– Mix It Up A Little. If you’ve been using the same theme since the
first day of your blog or website, or always use the default layout, it
may be comfortable for you but it can be a real turnoff for your
visitors. People like it when you shake things up every once in a while.

Think about the way Google will change their home search page for
special holidays or just for fun. You can do the same thing with your
blog or website to make it more engaging for your visitors. At the very
least, change your theme to reflect the season, such as having a snowy
background in winter, a sunny one in summer, and so on.

Okay, these techniques of enhancing the users’ experience when they
arrive on your pages may take a little time or effort on your part. But
they will pay off royally when you build your subscriber list and start
attracting hundreds of new visitors every day.

See for yourself!

I Look Forward To Your Success!


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